XMPie Honored with First BLI Pacesetter Award in Sustainability for Production Workflow SoftwareRESOURCES

XMPie Honored with First BLI Pacesetter Award in Sustainability for Production Workflow Software

XMPie was recognized by Keypoint Intelligence for significantly reducing carbon footprints in Print Service Provider operations.


XMPie, a CareAR Company, today announced it has won the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Sustainability: Production Workflow from Keypoint Intelligence, in recognition of XMPie software’s capability to significantly reduce carbon footprints of end customers through targeted communications across a variety of channels.

“We’re delighted to win this award and commend Keypoint Intelligence on its decision to promote sustainability as an essential component of software design,” said Ayelet Szabo-Melamed. “From the increased take-up of our digital solutions Circle, Cross Media, Email, Video Personalization, Adobe Sign Integration etc. – we can see that our customers are also committed to reducing print dependency, shifting from print-only to targeted print and digital channels, and minimizing their carbon footprint.”

Based on research conducted in the North American market, this accolade also recognizes XMPie as the best vendor for exhibiting model corporate responsibility regarding environmental and sustainability and for reducing waste and unnecessary printing in Print Service Provider Operations.

XMPie Platform Users can switch to personalized and targeted communications strategies, apply print-on-demand workflows, and reengineer business processes to increase efficiencies and reduce material use and related waste. Digital print solutions, including digital signature and Interactive PDF to replace printing, warehousing, and transportation workflows. Omnichannel options include personalized email, landing pages, SMS and video personalization capabilities.

“Personalization Powers Sustainability, and we’ve been doing it for over twenty years. Our software is designed to support our customers to make transformational business changes that not only improve their business operations and achieve economic growth but result in a positive impact on our environment,” said Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Vice President of Marketing at XMPie. “We actively support our customers to design targeted communications campaigns that use less paper, reduce waste, scale resources as required, go beyond print to offer full omnichannel marketing capabilities, and transform from Print Providers to Marketing Service Providers.”

Based on exhaustive questionnaires, in-depth interviews, and a proprietary rating scale, BLI Pacesetter Awards recognize those document imaging OEMs that have shown market leadership in a variety of categories, including technologies, services, and key vertical markets.

About XMPie, A CareAR Company

XMPie’s personalization platform has been transforming communications across the globe for over twenty years. From a background in print, we’ve evolved to offer data-driven personalization capabilities to every digital channel. We’re helping businesses and organizations delight their customers, automate their business processes, increase their profit margins, and become immersed in their clients’ ecosystems. Our applications include Advanced Data-Driven Personalized Print, eCommerce technology with built-in customization, and fully automated omnichannel campaign management. For more information, visit www.xmpie.com.

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