Professional Services Plugins



Add pre-built plugins to your XMPie system for additional functionality to seamlessly complement existing capabilities and workflows, and deliver a broader set of solutions for customers. Alternatively, get in touch with our professional services team who can develop and implement a solution tailored to your unique business needs.

uProuce solutions

Hot Submit plugin

This Hot Submit Solution tool enables users to automate print and email job submission. 

Users can configure multiple hot folders and drop into them numerous files of various data formats. Files are picked up by the Hot Submit Solution tool and sent to production, thereby generating various output or email. 

The Hot Submit Solution tool updates the user of the job’s progress and it’s completion via email. 


  • Automation of manual tasks 

Main features:

  • Edit and delete hot folders 
  • Set up job parameters 
  • Set up email notifications 
  • Monitor log messages and errors 

SAML based Single Sign On for uProduce

Single Sign On allows users to access their uProduce dashboard directly from an Identity Provider (IdP) dashboard or a URL provided by the IdP without any additional login or user ID requirements.  


  • Allows user access to be managed directly from the Identity Provider rather than the uProduce admin user.

Main features:

  • Integrates with all major Identity Providers as well as most custom solutions.
  • Updates customer information each time the user logs on. 

uStore solutions

Budget Center plugin 

The Budget Center plugin allows users to accommodate established purchasing policies for enterprise or corporate customers. The process of allocating and managing budgets is simple and does not add the extra overhead of manual reconciliation of accounts. 


  • Supports multiple budget centers per individual or group.
  • A budget manager can be designated and notified of purchasing activity.

Main features: 

  • Deducts the order amount from the user’s budget or group budget (charge user’s budget for the order amount).
  • Provides the user with a budget choice option in case of several available budgets. 
  • Displays an error message in case the order amount exceeds the remaining budget or the budget has expired, in which case check out fails.
  • Allocates budget amounts per individual or group budget.
  • Specifies the budget expiration date.
  • Ability to set up an existing uStore user as a budget group manager for a specific budget group.
  • Notifies the budget group manager when the budget has fallen below a predefined level or if the budget will soon expire.
  • Multi-language support.

DataWidget uStore Recipient List plugin 

The DataWidget uStore Recipient List plugin is a tool within the uStore workflow which allows end users to purchase data during the ordering process. 

This supports new lead generation campaigns by automating the transfer of data during campaign execution without requiring the print-buyer to have strong data at launch. 


  • Providing mailing lists is a high-margin added value service.
  • End users can define data selects, preview data and choose the number of records to purchase.
  • Easily map data list fields to uPlan recipient list schema.
  • Clean, accurate data provided by Experian®.

Excel Delivery Provider 

The Excel Delivery Provider is a generic delivery provider that can calculate shipping cost based on an Excel template, allowing for a very large number of environmental parameters. The template can use simple or complex shipping formulas to calculate total shipping costs. 


  • Various shipping calculations are possible, taking into consideration local vendor pricing look-up tables, product weight, product packages, product properties, users, total cart value and product price. 

Main features: 

  • Offers dynamic shipping prices for uStore shopping cart checkout using Microsoft Excel®. 
  • Assigns Excel templates to different stores. 
  • Calculates different prices: 
    • Default price
    • Fixed price by package name 
    • Price based on package weight 
    • Price based on product property 
    • Shipping charges by cart total 

SAML based Single Sign On for uStore  

Single Sign On allows users to access their web-to-print portals directly from an Identity Provider (IdP) dashboard or a URL provided by the IdP without any additional login or user ID requirements. This removal of barriers opens numerous new enterprise-class opportunities. 


  • Profile information from the IdP User (e.g., the branch manager) is automatically imported and can be used to personalize documents ordered directly from the store.
  • Automatically sort users into uStore groups based on a chosen attribute.

Main features:

  • Integrates with all major identity providers as well as most custom solutions. 
  • Offers a robust list of claims which can be imported from the IdP and used to populate the customer profile.
  • Updates customer information each time the user logs on.

Global Database Recipient List plugin 

The Global Database Recipient List (GDBL) plugin allows data to be leveraged in a controlled manner, whereby the end user can drive variable data communications even without full access to the information. This is ideal for large brands with geographically dispersed locations, discrete regions, or franchises with a single corporate database encompassing an entire customer list. 


  • Allows SQL queries to pass required data at runtime.
  • Limits exposed data to only those fields that are required. 
  • Allows end user to search, group and filter data.

Main features:

  • Executes SQL query and passes environmental parameters at run time. 
  • Parameter List: @CultureID, @GroupID, @OrderProductID, @ProductID, @StoreID, @UserID, @UserEmail, @ ExternalUserID.
  • Controls fields that are exposed to the customer. 
  • Exposes a limited number of fields, only those needed for filtering.
  • Changes the schema column names to friendlier names. 
  • Exposes fields that are not part of the recipient schema. 
  • Maps database fields to uPlan recipient schema. 
  • Controls copies per recipient (optional). 
  • Friendly GUI that allows to: 
    • Arrange/ group data by dragging columns
    • Search data (optional) 
    • Filter data (optional) 
    • Select/deselect multiple items 
    • Add filters on the client side 
    • Easy navigation 
    • Includes themes: Arctic White, BlackIce, Default, Green, and Windows 7 

Shopify XMPie uStore extension 

With the Shopify XMPie uStore extension, customers can leverage the full capabilities of the Shopify e-commerce platform to manage their online business while relying on XMPie technology for document handling, personalization, customization, dynamic document composition and pre-press automation workflows. 


  • Easily add XMPie renowned document composition, customization, workflows and ordering to existing or newly- developed Shopify-based storefronts.
  • Easily map Shopify products to uStore products via an app extension.
  • Add/edit/delete items to/from Shopify shopping cart once the customer finishes uStore customizations.
  • Share product pricing based on uStore product pricing calculations.
  • Custom functionality is possible via engagement with XMPie Professional Services.
  • Jobs run through uStore’s backend and take advantage of uStore’s backend order flow and prepress tools.

Main Features:

  • “Individual and bulk actions” buttons enable to submit a job to uStore for processing.
  • Product mapping via the “More actions” button in Shopify.
  • The XMPie Shopify theme can be modified to achieve the preferred look-and-feel.

Custom HTML Clearing plugin 

The HTML Generic or HTML Custom clearing plugins allow administrators to gather more specific cost-center clearing information by leveraging HTML markup code. 


  • Data is stored in SQL database.
  • SQL reports can be made with the collected data.

Main features:

  • Set custom parameters for data format and collection.
  • Data validation.
  • Warning messages can be added to help guide users with required input data.

Favorite Products plugin 

Using this plugin customers can choose their favorite products by selecting a heart icon located next to each product. 


  • Customer doesn’t have to search the store for the product. 
  • Cuts down on reordering time. 

Main features:  

  • Heart graphic indicates a product has been marked as a favorite item. 
  • New section in the interface which lists all favorite products.

AccuZip Plugin 

Using this plugin, customers can use AccuZip account to create recipient mailing lists for dynamic variable template products. 


  • Client can submit mailing lists to be presorted and CASS certified.
  • Client can enter a zip code and select mailing zones for Every Door Direct Mailings. Business locations can be deselected.
  • Jobs can be aggregated with matching product profiles to group mailings together prior to CASS certification in uStore backend.

Main Features:

  • Accuzip integration offers cost benefits for mailing.
  • Integrated into normal shopping experience for RL based products.
  • Postal files downloadable from uStore backend after files are processed through Accuzip API.

Generic Import Plugin 

Using this plugin, customers can import or update data from .txt or .csv files into SQL data tables. 


  • Updates database tables without SQL Server admin access.

Main Features:  

  • Imports or updates database tables from spreadsheet files.
  • Useful for keeping a lookup table for custom cost center, pricing, and dependent property dropdowns.