Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Increase Responses with Dynamic Print

Variable Data Print (VDP) automates the production of personalized and relevant print communications that motivate recipients to respond. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales or bolster customer loyalty, a growing number of service providers and enterprises today understand the unique power of dynamic print within the realm of 1:1 marketing. As the tactile media in an increasingly online world, print and direct mail are unique in their ability to convey messages with impact and style.

XMPie’s scalable solutions allow you to enter the world of VDP with a desktop-based, creative tool product: uDirect (available in two configurations:  uDirect Classic and uDirect Studio).

Both products offer service providers a gateway to the world of VDP with advanced capabilities that can scale as your business grows.  For customers requiring the ability to process larger volumes of dynamic print documents, server-based solutions are recommended, such as:

uDirect Classic

uDirect Classic gives you a quick jump into 1:1 communications by providing all of the tools to easily create visually-rich VDP jobs straight from your desktop. If you are looking to start offering personalized printing, but don’t know how to begin, an easy-to-use desktop product may be for you. By starting with a simple data source and a static design element created with Adobe InDesign, you can easily design and deploy impressive VDP campaigns.

uDirect Studio

uDirect Studio builds on uDirect Classic with the addition of uImage and uChart modules and helps create communications with even more impact and relevance. You’ll be able to include memorable personalized images and illustrations using uImage with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; and stylized, data-driven, personalized charts, using uChart.

uDirect Studio LE

uDirect Studio LE  is a unique software solution used in conjunction with the Xerox Phaser 7800 Color Printer.  Together they form a VDP solution geared for creative shops, advertising agencies and marketing communication firms seeking to produce colorful, highly personalized, one-of-a-kind communication collaterals for their clients. uDirect Studio LE includes XMPie’s uImage software.

PersonalEffect Print

PersonalEffect Print is a server-based, turn-key VDP solution. If your busy shop often produces high volumes of VDP output, handles a large number of VDP jobs at one time or requires online connections to data, then the increased production power delivered by PersonalEffect Print is your answer.   The uProduce server included with PersonalEffect Print uses the XLIM document format and composition engine developed by XMPie to provide an affordable yet extremely capable VDP solution.

PersonalEffect Print Pro

PersonalEffect Print Pro builds on PersonalEffect Print with the addition of the Adobe InDesign Server software. The uProduce server included with PersonalEffect Print Pro includes the XLIM document format and composition engine developed by XMPie, as well as the Adobe InDesign Server composition engine.  The InDesign Server allows for the production of graphically complex dynamic output. For customers who work with variable documents that utilize all of InDesign’s advanced text properties or require strict color management through ICC profiles, the InDesign Server included with PersonalEffect Print Pro will provide the ultimate in creative freedom. PersonalEffect Print Pro also offers additional processing speed enhancements when invoking VDP production.

Enterprise Print

Enterprise Print is a server-based, scalable and configurable platform which primarily focuses on VDP production. This platform includes all the fundamental components required to custom build a cluster configuration and meet the business needs of customers who require maximum flexibility.  By providing a tailored platform, customers can add components, as needed, to address the type of production processes they wish to support and at the level of fault tolerance required to keep their businesses running comfortably and smoothly.