Discovering the Future of Personalization with XMPie  – 25 June 2024RESOURCES

Discovering the Future of Personalization with XMPie – 25 June 2024


Experience an engaging webinar led by Ayelet Szabo-Melamed, Head of Marketing at XMPie, providing valuable insights into the latest innovations revealed at Drupa in Germany. Throughout the session, we will delve into how businesses can leverage XMPie’s solutions to elevate personalization in digital and print communications.

The webinar commences with an introduction of key team members and an overview, followed by a deep dive into the essential role of software in the printing industry, as highlighted at Drupa DNA. We then explore the powerful capabilities of the XMPie platform, serving as a dynamic tool for delivering personalized digital and print conversations, encompassing video and media creation, web-to-print/e-commerce, and omnichannel technology.

Furthermore, the webinar elucidates the critical aspects of relevancy and personalization in communication beyond basic personalization, along with insightful discussions about programmatic print, case studies, digital packaging, print embellishments, and the integration of AI for generative content. The session culminates in a comprehensive Q&A segment, underlining the significance of embracing new technologies to thrive in the dynamic market.

Immerse yourself in the replay of this groundbreaking webinar and unlock the full potential of personalized marketing and communication.

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